Welcome to the Republic of Bolton!

Welcome to the newly-declared Republic of Bolton!  This is the new website of Bolton Gathering of Organic Growers (GOG).  GOG was set up in 1999 to act as a network for organic growers in Bolton.  If you go to the  ’About Us’ page this will explain some background to GOG and will tell you why we have chosen the title ‘Republic of Bolton’.  The groups page will give you contact details and opening times for community gardens.

We think that the time has come for growing your own food and for anything else that is do-it-yourself, community-based and real.  The people of Bolton seem to agree with this – there are over 500 people on the allotment waiting lists in Bolton (compared to 200 last year)!  If you are one of those people then why not pop along to one of the community gardens?  It’s free and you can learn about food growing with like-minded people.

The dark economic times we have entered require hands-on solutions to save money and re-build a sense of community in our town.  Growing your own food is all about going back to basics, learning essential survival skills and standing on your own two feet.  It is also a good starting point for thinking about the way our society is organised and developing alternative community-based ways of doing things.  This process can start on a small-scale and on a neighbourhood level.  Think co-operatives, permaculture, mutual aid, green transport, social centres, alternative education.  If enough people come together to work on practical alternatives then surely nothing is impossible in our new Republic of Bolton?

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