School Gardens Survey



In 2012, the NHS Bolton’s Food Access Bolton project conducted the FAB survey of food growing in local schools.  This involved a visit from their schools project worker Fred Holloway.  If your school is growing fruit & vegetables then please contact him now on 0789044041 to help update the survey.  It will involve a visit to your growing site and a half hour survey.  The aim of the survey is to highlight the great work now happening in Bolton’s schools & to emphasise the need for resources to support it.  A booklet will be produced for distribution amongst local agencies and schools.

Please don’t miss this great opportunity of showcasing the great work your school is doing to improve the health & education of young people.

An alternative way of doing this is to use the survey as an exercise for the pupils to do themselves – useful skills can be practiced such as measuring square areas, counting etc. The survey can be downloaded here :-

FAB School Garden Survey


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