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  1. Sally Bowman says:

    Dear Gathering of Organic Growers,

    We at Bolton Area Pagans have been using the land previously known as Smithills Garden Centre for our New Moon Celebrations for the last few months without permission. This month I applied to the council for permission but was denied.

    We had been thinking of trying to use this land to establish a forest garden so that the land is safe, usable and of benefit to the whole community. Whilst I was researching the land with this in mind I came across your report and was encouraged to read that you have already initiated a similar project for the same piece of land!

    Please can you tell me what ever happened to this project? Is it still up and running? If so, Bolton Area Pagans would love to be involved with this if possible.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Sally Bowman at Bolton Area Pagans.

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