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Bhutanese curry on the DEPROSU plot last summer
Rock solid wooden beds at Johnson Fold’s Great Estates plot

Unbelievably this photo of the Horwich Harvest plot was taken in the middle of this last winter !


Westhoughton Central Park Allotment in deepest February


Westhoughton Central Park Allotment in deepest July

A reminder of the power of wildflowers on the allotment:

Wildflowers and herbs, WFC


Grow more wildflowers to attract the workers! (WFC)


Nothing is wasted! – Flowerheads from onions left for the bees (WFC)


Apple Day at Great Lever last October



Apple Day 2012 A’peeling Competition!
Apple Day 2012 Pumpkin awaiting Face Painting
Horwich Harvest Project – A lonely pergola awaiting some climbing plants for company

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